Damn Racists

I saw a clip on facebook a few months back, Racist White Woman Says Nigger, something to that effect. And she spouted and kept spouting hate, ranting about blacks stealing, selling drugs, and murdering, all that gang shit. And honestly, I can see how her mind could be so manipulated, become so warped as to believe all blacks are like that.

I remember watching Straight Outta Compton and enjoying the rebellious attitude, how they played fuck tha police in all the cops faces. I get the hate, we all know by now that a lot of cops have been corrupted by power. Batons and guns are in the hands of some very unhealthy and insecure individuals. That’s the side of the argument we saw in the movie, the evil, unjust cops get their comeuppance. But it’s not the whole picture. Here are some lyrics from NWA’s album Niggaz4Life:

“Went to the bucket and I looked through the window
It was some niggas that I knew they let me in yo
And my turn was like next
I couldn't see her face, all I saw was her pussy and her chest
I wanted to see the face, I felt I oughtta
Peep over the seat, Oh shit! It's the preacher's daughter!
And she's only 14 and a ho'
But the bitch sucks dick like a specialized pro
She looked at me, I was surprised
But wasn't passin' up the chance of my dick gettin' baptized
I told the bitch to do it quick
You little ho' hurry up and suck my dick”

This is called running train, when you and a bunch of your homeboys fuck a girl back-to-back. In this case, an underage girl. Fourteen years old. Let that sink in. If those lyrics are true, maybe the unjust cops are simply the unwitting actors of karma. Fuck an underage girl and the universe will find a way to beat your ass and/or humiliate you.

Decades later the themes of many rap songs remain the same: violence, misogyny, glorification of drugs, and drug dealing. It’s not hard to find such songs, it’s what’s most played on the airwaves. Knowing this, it’s really not that hard to understand why so many racists are out there. All they see is the bad, they don’t see enough of the good. And guess what, neither do we, we don’t see enough of it in the media, we don’t hear enough of it on the radio. The real good music, the songs that sing of hope, perseverance, of God, you won’t find that kind of prosperous hip-hop without turning off the radio or changing the channel.

So what’s the consequence of all this? Well, for one, we blame cops for killing innocent black men, but don’t take a moment to consider why these innocent men are associated with violence, with misogyny, rape, drugs, murder, and guns. Hint: It’s cus of the evil side of black culture is celebrated. Too few black artists out there are speaking against that evil— well, fuck, maybe there are a lot, but we as a culture don’t value the message and therefore those good voices aren’t heard; they don’t get the plays so they don’t get the money.

End result: we witness hypocrisy as one race blames the other for all the crimes perpetrated against the community. But hey, at least one rapper out there is willing to recognize this, so I’ll leave you with his lyrics. Courtesy of Kendrick Lamar:

Why did I weep when Trayvon Martin was in the street?
When gang banging make me kill a nigga blacker than me?

About this whole Kavanaugh thing

Badaboom! That’s the noise my brain makes as I search for the truth inside my head. So, we’ve either got a sexual assaulter in the office in Kavanaugh, or a liar giving false testimony and being believed by millions in Ford. What’s very apparent is that maintaining your sense of calm is of utmost importance. Personally, I believe Ford is lying. Originally I didn’t and instead blindly believed what my friends and professor had to say about it, but then I decided to make a judgment for myself. I have this beautiful badabooming brain, after all, surely it can think for itself. I voiced my change of heart and mind, and a common retort was “regardless of if he’s innocent or not, his composure was not Honorable. He was too emotional.” You know what? I agree. If he’s innocent, he did a damn good job of holding it together. BUT, it wasn’t enough to convince everyone (it would never be enough). My perfect picture of calm in this scenario would be walking into the courtroom with not a shred of worry or stress on my face or brow, smiling, hell, maybe even cracking jokes. No need to be combative, no need to even defend yourself, let your very presence and demeanor be the truth.

Now, for all those who claim Kavanaugh’s demeanor was overly emotional, y’all better be damn sure not to raise your voice during the political arguments you’re bound to partake in. Y’all need to find your center and stay steady on that bitch and let your calm and goodwill reign supreme, cus know what happens when you don’t? The one you’re debating will call out your hypocrisy, and might even throw a “You’re being so Kavanaugh right now” at ya. And if that happens, you’re almost certain to lose your shit. So from the bottom of my heart, from the purest essence of the most umblemished part of my soul I say to you: Hold onto your shit. Don’t lose it. Be accountable for your shit, and certainly don’t let it hit the fan. The fan is impartial to your political opinions, he just wants to circulate air and cool us down. But if you get all crazy and loose your shit up in the air, don’t be surprised when your impartial fan rains your shit back down upon you, at which point it will be your fault and you fault alone for the stank mess you’ve found yourself in.