About that last post

I spe(nt some time meditating, made peace with the universe, and now I'll tell what's up.

So I saw <C3 on my bike ride to work. Just so happens she's in town for another week, and since she was awesomely @ a red light I could stop and say hi and make quick plans. It's beauty how things work out. So we make plans for fishing (RAW), and followed through on them today.

We swam together, and while fishing I made a move. She was bending over to get something, so I came up behind her and wrapped my arm around her, trying to pull her close. She backed off, but not in a bad way. Now, in my defense these advances were not unwarranted. She got some stuff on her butt, and when I told her she was like "brush it off!", so I did. She was in a bikini, I mean c'mon. So after the minor rejection we went about our fishing business, and she was mad cool about it, as was I. RAW. I caught a fish (I'm telling you this day was BAM), and we were both elated. I forgot about the pennies!!!! We plated 2 pennies gold!!! Using chemistry, how fucking tight is that??!! My penny is with her. We also did a chain and a coupla quarters, but dem pennies were the brightest. this was before fishing.

Back to the past-present: We then chilled at her chilling spot outside, and I listened to palm leaves rustle. She put on wonderful music, and we just listened in Peace. She got up to change, and her grandma came over to talk. I told her about my love for poetry, and she decided to show me <C3 's artwork. I didn't know she's so talented. I had no clue she's so smart. I'm so attracted. We had dinner, walked her dog, stopped by my crib to change, and then it was movie time. I put up the arm and we cuddled comfy. I ran my fingers along her arm. Our hands met, and I spent the rest of the movie caressing her. I kissed her neck. Bit it. Sucked it. Left a mark. It felt so good giving pleasure. I'd rather give than receive. I loved touching her, loved the moans, the slight tensions aroused by touch, how she let me and nudged closer. We could have stayed after the movie for a bit, just us two. But I ended it. Maybe too soon. But maybe not.

We lost comfort after. We sat on a bench, and I put my arm around her. I could tell she felt guilty. I rubbed her back, she sat between my legs. I felt her tension (the uncomfy kind), so I couldn't get aroused. But I still wanted her to feel beautiful, feel wanted. I kissed her neck, shoulders, pulled her hair and felt her respond. I bit. Her grandma showed up, didn't see us, and she dropped me off.

I want to see her again. Watch the documentary Magical Egypt with her, show her my art and ask to see more of hers. We didn't kiss. That's ok. I want to. I want to give her every pleasure. But mainly I don't want her to feel like a slut, guilty, or uncomfortable. It'll all be as it should :) We vibe that right way. She's beautiful. Especially with blue. She doesn't judge, not when I told her about the homeless shelter, and not about the scar I showed her. I told her I did it on purpose with a razor, and she wasn't freaked by it. She's going to be a mechanic and a science teacher. She's already a mad-talented artist.

She's fucking awesome.