my tat

All I know about anarchy is no governing force. No person or groups of people in charge. That's not enough to defend the tattoo on my wrist. I just realized today that such a tattoo can make things harder on myself. Many ppl see it and think chaos. That's no what i go for. They probs don't notice the heart. When i see a swastika i think Nazis, not a symbol originally meaning peace. At work i must hide it, and i have to do my learning, too, for when i have to defend my views. It's important to know history. i thought about getting it removed. If i'm ever given an ultimatum of 'lose tat or lose job' i'm losing the tat, and i'll have to wait until i'm my own boss to get it again.

we'll see what happens. i don't need added resistance in my journey towards happiness. i also don't think i should change for others. This isn't an ideal, judgement-free world. i need to remember that, and what the consequences are for swimming against society's current sea of Acceptable.

i may not have been hired if my employers saw my tat. i love the job. It's just right for me.

good night.