has it rly . and freewriting (don't judge)

been so long since i've journaled. i feel so tame as opposed to five minutes ago. i had that rush, now i just want to cancel. i had a feeling and it's gone,  and i don't know where to find it. i'd be more free on paper and pen and no possibility of any eyes on me

swill kill bill shilly hill fuck suck luck strut walk n talk the bakery pot the boy has lost his beans and been whereto the snake pit looms and bits his little


random tandem tawdry laws a flaw revoked he spoke provoked and longs to drive a 

far car 

bars xanax lost bleak nighn shallow breaths and slaps to the face the koy awoke tho the relief of his homies. no amkulance had to be called. if theyhad to be called he'd be in trouble for almost dying. what the fuck?? that's how it gous, no? "you almost killed yourself, you asshole!


what a lif<

block a rock and cocksmack the lock the key is my mind the blank canvas the door and fourscore virgin whores the paint on which the bridesmaid weeps in velvet ink soft as a whistle in a yard of old rusted steel banging on thick wheels

keel heel been when since then i'm still here don't i give up no moro soro larrow arrow to the tgharth soneteb - antdei notecp -anoteradx -eh

sik simepl limeapple sour and red citric blood a flood of winced tears and minced pears and lairs of pearl cast greyblue in the shadow of the cavernous


scuffle skershuffle a muffled antelope breaks it's toe and the foe of the gator the proscastinator bathes in shaves of blowfish owfish sow and ow and how and row and so many many any zany inconsistencies an iths languiag uf ors and ours bower koward cach cache and blase and basic and primal the raw thrust of a canine through brother meat and little soft skulls like wet clay eggshells in the chimpannzees hunger for power and dominanc whence it came a shame to be lost for so gone the gree theenk free think free thought rambunctious frolicks stlil come out to play in nthe hay of the mind lkkk for the needle it pierces light lighk a moon a balloon free of heavy air the gravity of norms and torrid chords do coalesce and breaths do spark like alcohol and napalm caught and shook in gunpowedfilled cocacola rooms while kittens go boom and strike off the heasd of the laughing white fandalf gandalf was in my dream last night that's cool as fuck i think he was wearing floppy shorts and had a cane like a snarling branch, old as time's grump and hungry as lumps

it's all about rooomiiieeee


and his big fat sister nayooooommmmiii the two of them claims dat dey know meeeee

a roamie romie romieeeeee

beanie mannnnnnnnnnzingo the dingo plays bingo and the strings comuntached mustache bsathesuh aoethu'h,c.u 'iphhc'' h

it feels good to be black