just freewriting, don't judge me

i bled sped speed the two hour block a road within me asea og uncensored though caught a small drought oh hell well maca milk and titty silk and slit and sit awd wait crate skate a feel like a blank waiting to sing on a canvas of black in yellow highlights where's the mlight skite white excuse my milk it tastes like stepped on silk like it has vholes swill and tattered battered under splats and meek crashes of a rainfall still acking to reed torrent of fire solvent selven elven gamble gimly simply simply oh really and i so shy i can't free write so what is it i'm doing screwing lewinge ah oh lorgy and birnd and burnt words curses and and and hearses and well what oh wess the deading tesssra babushka in the fog turns old blood gray from robin hood read it's a have, a thick maze of lost memories come back as clouds small enough and raw enough to taste like a shusi bluefish platter smatter every damn hour just tyep don't stop and ndo do learn from mistiypest pf nogeu deu fingers arre learning te to type a new speed on a layout not that old ad thought not new and owkward teenager the grey swan with marvelous wings and and ugly beak seek weak week willing to lift bro do you even fly< do you feel the words an as they fling from my tips a kyboard in typegraphy a lessymessy sckhnessy a tessywessy bissy busy busy chalrth shoulder knot won't let go of the strain i got from pushing hard a sword is dull buht on stone it can stnap or sharpen a harken a ouch it,s still there not so much impeding ans much as birthing discomfort ruport unpor a cohort silly billy willy nilly the free orchestra waves caves of sound it's a drum and a hum if guitar icicle picks and wickers and cicks kick sc clicks oh and am i free yet is ith s this wreiting free enought to let me go so i can open up my parachute and fly on down to the other side come on throught the door the key is turningnot sure of itself oh hell so it slows but it still goes the kangaroo said so a h oh boyzo th blown sewn roam and team and leam and hoary whiskers bathed in age and

cought sun like

diw on dawn

dawn on dew

a most warming a jue

fore you and me, too

thing1 thing2 sing a song tie your coffin blue and a shoeless caricature off the chart-s meh for repititition it'll leave once i'm throught with my mission as will concern a free byrd at last so so closte so so soon a boon and a loony maroon fivear erlnodcrpl' ;eudao

ah massa the funk reeks like eggs bathed in salt on a hungry dry tonge tongue small wall hell hall hee haw was the type of the lightminded mind of your so kind misdemeanor it scomps stom

slow down said he tho the brain surgeon on speed smoke some crack it's so wack replied she the maid who made up her face so no one would see how pretty shi is

what a shame that poor maid

to wear suck a facade

liberate through and to hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhetoeu/',rhiptup


freed mead weed seed this might be easier for a bit if i were drunk

nope can't do that alcohol is 


murda murda she wrote

but of freedom she sang

as she wrung her bones

brittle as toothpicks

picking a 


tttooo astnd a to ask of me is do not see you snothr.embua nteroptd rop let m teor alet the mind free lit it be let it be let it be let it be let it be  be be be be and and and a and and and and well well wellhellsmellouch the neck just a few minute seconds lef when compared to the vasntness of space light years away just a few mission stars hung afar million mission liken strike and bow and heave the cow and sleeve the sneeze and breath the blow inhale through your strong torso heretofor aknownotwherof the heavy dove sigh hes not worried like and old man who know everything will be ok, but habits are so tought to break, don't you seeL fac fat farce a cars scarce scars snta sat snate snake waken the krake en and mast ofd the snake and the lips of bliss silver and thrones of silk n satin n gold spider webs it glistens like

light on a stainless steel pen

my wires my ink my pen both my needle and fangs

my web is my truth

my parachut suite

toothless i'v grown but that's just old skin

fangs wrinkled sucked keratin flimsy as wax paper on sun

let em fall when it's time

my new ivory shines

screams like a horn

the enraged rhino storm







cobra spit

song of the swift

with a hiss like a 


be my guest be my


collision diction

decides for a time to spell

forth down tracked veins

like rails of cocain

digging rivulets into 

skin in the nose