why i chose writing

1. one day i was tripping on acid. i closed my eyes and i had a vision. i saw very clearly paper and a pen.

2. i was reading journals from years back. on said 'i hope i never stop writing'

3. i fell in love at first sight and for the first time in my life opened my heart to her via text. she wrote "Mario, that was beautiful"

4. one day i was feeling a rush of emotions, a flood of anger and yearning. i grabbed a pen a threw down what i felt on paper. i cried and it was a huge relief. i had never expressed myself before.

5. i have so much to say, but no-one wanted to hear it. even though it's super interesting. opinions, views on the world, talked about in ways no one else has ever communicated them to me.

6. i always loved to read, writing is the other half. they love each other, and i love them both.

7. i love writing and it engages my mind in a way nothing else ever has. it makes me alive, and happy.

8. all those things clicked and here i am