Lady Gaga, SEXUAL OPPRESSION... and Hieroglyphs?

   Yes! Hieroglyphs! Unique in the way they activate both sides of the brain. Left side for words and speech, the right side for visual info, the pictures. Until recently we haven't had many analogs to this comprehensive way of absorbing information. Luckily, it's the 21st century and the rise of technology has seen the birth of hybrid arts, one of the most recent of which is the music video. Like hieroglyphs, music videos also double-team your brain, hitting it from both sides and all angles. What I'm getting at is Lady Gada gangbangs brains to gain attention and confront sexual oppression. How? Let's find out.

   The intro to Alejandro matters, sets the tone. The sharp angles and the march, characterized by stomps and punches, are very aggressive; the masculine overtones bypass our ears, nailing us straight in the visual cortex. Then the music starts with the men now barely dressed. During the first verse we learn that Gaga is shy ("got both hands in her pocket", "hides true love en su bolsillo"), but not sexually. Once she chooses, she goes into the relation with abandon ("Nothing to lose"). As she sings notice the identical haircuts the men wear. That's right, you're looking at dancing cocks. They're vying for her attention, and Gaga has yet to join the dance.

   The chorus supplements the imagery, revealing that she's only willing to be intimate sexually; after the act she just wants her cigarette, doesn't want her name called, doesn't want a kiss. That would be too close. Who wants to share feelings with a dancing cock anyways.

Second verse: MORE SEXual imagery. She's actively engaged with all the, err, men, one at a time, a different bed for each. The lyrics acknowledge her old flames, as the new flame has to "firefight, gotta cool the bad."
Again the video reinforces the lyrics: The sexual dance continues into the start of the third chorus, and as it repeats we see Gaga robed, wearing multiple crosses. This is the first time we see all the men touching her simultaneously. She swallows therosary, and the men lift her up in exaltation.

   What happens next is significant. The men are now capped and dressed conservatively. Their cockery is gone. Their march is no longer aggressive. Gaga then appears wearing a machine gun bra. She is no longer a slave to her sexuality. She is empowered by it. Now she wields it. Rambo Tits.

   At the end she has her way with the men. There's no more competition, the sex is no longer violent. Free love. It's no coincidence she has the robe on as this happens. She's embraced the Sacred Feminine.

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