Born Racist?

     That little kid in that photo, think he still wears diapers? Do you think he knows about life, about hate? It's obvious he's being sculpted into a racist, a white supremacist, neo-Nazi, skinhead, etc etc. Now let's say he never grows out of it, never escapes the bubble in which he's entombed, remains stuck in his beliefs. My question is this: At what point in this child's life do we begin to judge him for being racist? When he's 6? No, too young. 13? Still too young. What about 17? Maybe, might even be a good age to feel good about socking him in the face, right? He's about an adult by then, after all, probably drank a few years, fucked a few broads by then.

     What about 23? By then, sure, he's a free target for our abuse, we can feel good about seeing him pepper-sprayed, even if he hasn't physically harmed anyone. Punch a Nazi, right? We can hound him, judge him, mock him for his beliefs because that's the easy thing to do. I'm sure we all have enough stones we're aching to throw. Sure as fuck can't throw them in the circles we belong to, nope, gotta find an enemy, gotta find an other. Here's the thing though, all that hate directed towards the racists of the world is, in large part, directed to those with a child's mindset, who clearly haven't been taught right from wrong, and who more than anyone harm themselves by their beliefs.

     People take the easy route when it comes to these things: pointing, shaming, judging. But you know what, none of them can offer any proof that if they had been dressed in Klu Klux garb since the age of two, been raised to hate, that they wouldn't have the same racist mindset as those in Charlottesville.

Tame The Ruckus