10 minute sonnet 008, 05-24-2016 "Summer nights I sleep"

Summer nights I sleep in the tiger breath
of water hung on air, try not to fault
myself for the grudge that kicks like a colt.
Take each day the same, and nights bathe in Lethe.

But the body remembers. Humid parts,
sweaty thighs and damp pillows, so much self-
what else is there to see? How to find wealth
in the discomfort. I struggle, strive to court

the sublime, reach into my confidence
and pluck the knot that hinders; real ties
together, stressors loose as the sultry lies
dissipate. I fight off lest, happenstance

is more than enough to tame the fire.
My heart desires more than a stranger's touch,
no longer paint myself wet, sinner's brush
I leave behind. Not gone, the wet desire,

but I trade it all, all just for a kiss
of a memory to be, hopeful reminisce.