10 minute sonnet 009, 05-25-2016 "like toast"

I bit the teeth off the tip of the volta,
felt magnified under ecstasy's snare.
The witch slit her hip, her razorblack leer
hit my thighs like a solar flare, hot jolt

along my chest. I touched her salve. Sick croak
escaped my lips. The earth threw grass, green slung
at my eyes as the blades, green as jade wings,
towered over me, bare, Roanoke,

the houses Fungal hats, abandoned swill
empty porch, rain drops big as mangoes, suave
as down and leather, drip to my feet, swerve
at my toes and race beyond me. I feel

this hatred "Intinder" their bellicose
voices shout Rocks, I like them. Taste like toast.