10 minute sonnet 010, 05-26-2016 "Rip my stars, let it ache"

I fell into the deep cave, cold fear,
and in the tomb my shaking arm roared
as I struggled to steady my light to the choir
of streaming notes poured down my face, rhythms

that wrenched my face to jagged Distortions sire
a mess of chemicals as my neurons try to sell
the best of me to shadows vaguely felt, half
of me is diminishing, the child dies, the seer

grows, chrysalis hardens, beautiful pain my lair,
humid breath escaping bit lips, anger froths
against the calm of this world I don't know. Wrought
from me is a forge of fire where flames ensnare

their tired breath. Let him bleed, his column broke
against my steel heart. Rip my stars, let it ache.