10 minute sonnet 013, 05-29-2017 "a session / in the womb"

Shedding skin, the smoke sets fire to the old
and crawls out blackened, his scales and wounds sewn
together with time. The clock's hands are shown
together, clapping twice a day, and felt

like a boom in my ears. Dig for the real,
walk like a gangster & let go the crutch.
The good God won't let you down, watch him catch
you with a subtle breath and sooth your soul

with warm waters. Blessed waves, a session
in the womb. The day relaxed went fast.
My realizations branched out like a tree,
roots hid in friendship, not so much wishing

for less pain, but more love, as worries roll
away, live waves sent back home. Love is all.