Coalesce: wet silver lit

Wicker met Flame
   at God's fingertips
where Flame dying to shine
   and starving for air
flicked out like a whip
   and caught Wicker so pure and so bare
Flame held her close to breathe from her breath
     her every small cleft
       and every stray strand
And though Wicker at first
   shied and darted away
she brightened and burned
     with a blush and a grin
         and a wink sweeter than sin
and lay writhing as he had his fill
 He sucked every cord
   bit through every knot
and soon met her crown met her throne
           She shook in his arms
  bereft of facades
       as his mind
  met hers
     and finally knowing
 each other
      they kissed
 and went