In the clearing

He sang
"Foh lay mi ah sol ah sue
ah sue fa la rahl ah vi"
In the blue light of a full moon's night. In the woods
She could not hear his lament. But
She felt the hairs on her arm rise like the tide.
"Ah sol fa la mi" he sang with force. And she
Heard the wind hiss through the rustle of cold
Leaves, and felt a chill spider up her neck. Still,
She heard no song, and walked on.
"A rhok cha-kel ah vi
ah rhok raiku a brahk!"
He yelled, closed fist
pounding his heart. Hot sweat poured
Down his face. Not so far off, she
Felt her throat tight. Demanding breaths
She walked on. Through the trees the moon painted stripes
Hush-blue on her skin. They climbed her lissome
Body like birds on air. At last
She heard his singing, faint as breath.
She walked towards his song. Exhausted
He sat on his knees. Softly
"Cahla sahl rool, ah sue fah-la si
ah sol ah sue sella-mi, ah se vi"
She felt her heart quiver as
He heard her coming near. Smiling
He closed his eyes and said
"Ah-ru ah la bell
soh fahl ah la tu"
And she cried when she held his face
In her hands, for he burned like red
Coal. And with a lost word he said