it hurts to know

last night i felt your longing
tears singing from my eyes

i tried to
dance but can't rhythm
without you, hoping through smoke
like before a wish came true
in a dream i've lived
but can't remember

but i know it's you
it's you my thoughts are captive to-
you walk in so freely, an eternal breeze
breathing meaning into me

i don't know how i'll see you
again. it's tearing me every time i hope
it's today it's like time stood still
before dawn and i'm with open arms
and glistening eyes seeing nothing but feeling
you're around the corner of the next page of our lives.

Maybe we're both brand new to nascent hope
and we'll fall in love

with strangers we've always known

maybe i'll see you
smiling back and happy
and this dread will fall dead
as i learn to believe in the truth
of a promise