I lurk in the black
room with one frail light
above me. She hovers

naked like a moon
draped in crimson. Around her
famished men with holocaust limbs

and sickle fangs beg at her feet.
She holds out her palms and gasps
as they sink into her wrists.

She bites her lips,
splitting skin as blood drips
to starving mouths. Their black

veins glisten, throb, pulsing
through taut skin.
Their eyes blacken

as she lays her head back,
moaning, hair floating
amber smoke.

I watch her and my lips purse, gently blowing
strands of silver curling in the black
spelling truth with the words "Love"

"Forever" and "Only You" - her bleeding
stops as my words wrap
tight around her ankles and wrists.

She floats into my arms
burning to gold.
I kiss her. I feel her

pulse throb through her lips
as her eyes glow rose
and mine shine black.