Personal Ad

Every time I feel the pull of thirst

small clouds zip to me and pour
their crystal waters to my lips

and if the sun is loud they crown
my head in their cool shade.

And when my tummy grumbles
hungry beggars gather round and give
their dollars and their change

and haul to me vending machines
so I may snack with no delay.

And when I put their dollars in
the snack machine sends back
a crisper bill attached

and with the words "On me this time"
sir Benjamin winks back.

But, dear stranger, I must confess
all the vagrants cash and clouds
on this good earth cannot arrest

the crawling shawl of loneliness
that draws and pulls with bloodthick groans
round my tender heart's last breaths

nor the despair that tears my famished soul
like the death of a rose by her own thorns
and bleaks the light of life from once hopeful eyes!

So will you, stranger, take a chance
on this lost soul and

- oh, nvm
Kate Upton just said hi