Burning I rise
To swallow the cross and summon
Tsunamis from my jungle lungs.

With a whim my Mongol breath
Turns water to gasoline-
Watch me drown

Igniting explosives
Setting fire to the skies,
Setting fire to the old

Outdated lives
Of a billion blind eyes
Addicted to box, the cave

Of colored shadows
Cast in 1280p HD.
Hunt for light

Break free of false idolatries
Mistakenly claimed as your “I Am”
For truth declares

I Am We
We Are One
We burned to become

The brilliant Son baptized in liquor pools
And sweat-soaked sheets,
Grasping for heaven

With acid tabs under our tongues,
Hands full of sin
And minds full of gold we could not see

But now we feel- Broken free,
What vibrant bombast
As we become

The dragon's throat
And threat of song

We sing with fists
Of ox and oak-
Apollo's match and muscle-

Our bronco hearts
Our bloody knuckles

Fire to dawn
As roaring we swarm