Resentment towards my friend

I'm resentful at my friend.

I'm angry bc she's always trying to be the 'spiritual leader know-it-all,' I'll mention something to share and she starts thinking of ways to solve my problem. We're friends, she's not my mentor. And I shared my opinion on someone I respect with her, and instead of listening or taking my opinion into account she went off on this mocking rant about how garbage and lame she thinks he is. She asks all these follow up questions to things people say, like 'maybe that happened bc of this, maybe you could look at it this way, maybe maybe maybe'; instead of listening to how what ppl say reflect how they feel she jumps to "I can solve your problem" or "I'm going to challenge your viewpoint in an aggressive way instead of learning about why you think/feel that way." I feel hesitant to share my opinions with her bc I don't want to deal with an aggressive devil's advocate. Sometimes people just want to share.

It affected my self esteem, because I can relate a lot to this person. He's accomplished a lot of things despite his errors, and I want to be successful like he is. He made a fool of himself, but he's still a great guy. Most people don't know or make the effort to know the real him, they believe the hype, which he plays into, I'll admit. It felt like a criticism towards me, I took it personally. It also affected my pride, because I had a "Who are you to tell me what to consider or how to think, or what I should do?" type of mindset. It also affected my self esteem because I've acted like she does in the past, and probably still do at times without realizing it, and I know it's annoying for other people and it's something I work on myself. I think I was also upset because she's very self-aware, and I felt jealous bc I felt special being self-aware myself, it gave me an ego boost. I also didn't like when she'd be so blatant about her troubles, the hardships she's been through. Those things are serious, and there's an appropriate time and place to bring those things up so that other people don't feel uncomfortable. I did this, too, though, not about similar hardships, but about my sexual past behaviors, I brought it up casually in a conversation where it really wasn't appropriate. I did this on here, recently, too. I made a mistake.

My role? I can't solve anyone's problems, and I shouldn't give my opinion unless asked for it, and I shouldn't be judgmental of other people's opinions, either. I'm not a Spiritual Guru who knows better than the rest. I was upset with myself for acting this way, and got angry at her for it. I asked her if she could listen to one artist for the rest of her life, who would it be. I didn't ask her bc I was interested in her opinion. I asked her bc I wanted to be the Unique Dude who says Kanye instead of the Beatles, Hendrix, Zeppelin, or other greats that may be expected. I wanted to show off how different I was. When she gave her opinion I wasn't curious at all about why she chose who she chose (not who I expected), and I didn't give her an honest chance at sharing with me her thoughts. I was upset she caught me off guard with her response. I just went and blurted out my opinion without acknowledging why she chose who she chose. I was selfish, and looking for attention, and hid under the mask of feigning interest in her opinion to sneak in my own arrogance and inflated sense of uniqueness. I was selfish, dishonest, self-seeking, inconsiderate, and frightened, too, because I shared and didn't get the reaction I expected. I think I also feel a little sexually insecure bc she's not attracted to me in the way I expected her to be, and that also contributed to my negative feelings. I should also keep the topics of conversation appropriate to the conversation being had, and be aware of how it might make other people feel. I don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable, I just want to share so maybe someone who needs to can relate.

I'm not resentful towards her now that I wrote this. I feel down, though. I feel foolish. I was expecting to feel elation. I'm about to head to a meeting. We'll see if anything else pops up.